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Lights installation

Snow White Electricians provides a full range of domestic and commercial lighting services, whether this lighting needs to be installed inside or outside.
You can reach out if you're planning any improvements to rewiring your whole lighting circus or adding outdoor lighting to spend time in the garden after dark. Snow White Electricians follows national standards for wiring and providing lighting services.
We also provide a no-obligation free quote for your lighting system. Contact us for further details


Snow White Electricians’ lighting

Whether you’re looking to make electric improvements in or on the outside, like changing lighting styles, making your home or garden more presentable or safer, and even lowering your electric bills, Snow White Electricians has you covered.


Spotlights are preferred due to their elegant style that fits every interior and their ability to light selected areas. Used wisely, they can highlight details of your home that you like. And because of their discrete design, they won't be the center of attention.
Spotlights are quick to install, and we will just turn off the power, attach a mounting bracket and the electrical wires, attach the spotlight, and insert the light bulb.

Under-cupboard lights

These fancy lightings are a great addition to every working surface. Used mostly in the kitchen, cabinet lighting provides additional lighting to a darker workspace, be it in the kitchen, the study, or outside. They are also an effective way to reduce your electric bill.
Again, installation is simple – just mount the cap, drill several shallow holes, attach the lights to the mounting caps, secure the power controls, the power hub, and the wires, and plug the power cord!

Mood lights

Mood lights give any room a special vibe by adding a special colorful highlight. Play with your creativity to create a magical effect for your room, or allow our technicians to create it for you.


Bathroom-rated lights

Bathroom lights are the most difficult ones to install and have some strict regulations due to their risky nature. They are better to be installed by licensed technicians like those of Snow White Electricians. In terms of lighting, the bathroom is divided into four separate zones:
Zone 0 – inside the bath or the shower, requires low voltage lighting.
● Zone 1 – above the bath or the shower, at a height of 2.25 meters above the floor. Requires an IP44 at least.
● Zone 2 stretches 0.6 meters outside the bath to 2.25 meters from the floor. This zone also requires an IP rating of IP44.
● Outside zones – no special requirements for these zones. They stretch outside the other zones where no water is likely to be used.

Dimmer lights

Dimmer lights are a great way to add mood and reduce your energy output. There are four types of dimmer lights, all of them a specialty of Snow White’s technicians.
● Incandescent/Halogen
● Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV)
● Fluorescent
● Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Electric shower, new or replacement

Electric showers can be very tricky when it comes to whirring. Installing it requires work with both plumbing and power supplies, so leave it to the experts of Snow White.
What makes electric showers popular is that they are great for saving the bill. You have hot water whenever you need it. The amount of energy depends on the kW power rating of the shower you have selected, the temperature you’ve selected, and the length of the showers you take.
Extractor fans – these fans are used mostly in kitchens and bathrooms to extract moisture, odors, and smoke. There are two types of extractor fans:
● Axil fans – transporting air on a short distance
● Centrifugal fans – they move air on longer distances and need to be placed on a shaft.

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