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House rewiring

House rewiring is the most-common upgrade in any house renovation. Snow White Electricians is experienced in providing these services with the highest level of expertise. You can rely on our experience for the best possible use of your living space. Snow White Electricians will help you with your house renovation and implement smart new technologies to decrease the running cost of your house.

House rewiring


The very process of installation is as important as the planning and the design. So you can rely on our experienced engineers to meet your needs.
The planning and the design are a must, too. We participate in every stage of your renovations, especially the initial ones that we believe are the foundation of every project.
This initial stage also provides the terms of pricing and the materials. As every customer has different requirements, we offer economical, expensive, and exclusive elements for any renovation.

Our role in the process

We take care of the whole process of the installation. At every stage, we carry out the required water, drainage, electrical, and gas tests to assure our clients that everything is safe.

Get in touch with Snow White Electricians for:

● Detailed breakdown cost and fixed price quote
● Planning and optimizing the cost-effective design of your renovation
● Structural engineer overseeing the renovation process
● Experienced project manager
● Working closely with the together integrated house renovation team
● Renovation works completed up to the British standards
● Health and safety company policy

process of installation

Snow White Electricians

We at Snow White Electric are committed to completing any given task in a timely manner, making sure that we meet all expectations along the process. Our services are cost-effective, and our workers are honest, dedicated, and dependable. We strive to provide courteous and up-to-standard services. We respect your home as much as we respect our own, giving it the same amount of care and attention.

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