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Garden lights installation

Snow White Electricians provides a full range of garden lighting services and a free, no-obligation quote.

Garden lighting is an excellent addition to your garden or patio and crucial for your home's security. Snow White Electricians’ technicians follow all national standards to provide safe lighting for your garden.

Snow White Electricians’ garden lighting service

Security lights

Security lights are the best way to protect your home. They usually feature many lumens and weather ratings and can be integrated with smart home or smartphone apps.
There are five types of security lights
● LED Floodlights
● HID security lights
● High-pressure sodium security light
● Low-pressure sodium security light
● Motion-activated security lights

Motion sensor lights

One of the most popular additions to every home, motion sensor lights are nearly unmatched in terms of functionality. When the detector detects a moving object in its field, it turns the light on automatically.

Darkness-sensitive lights

Another convenient way to add lighting to your home, these lights switch On and Off when the sunlight goes under the visible region of the human eye.

Timed lighting

Timed lighting adds further convenience and security to your home. Here, a light timer turns the lights on and off depending on the time set.

CCTV camera lights
CCTV cameras are usually enhanced by either infrared or white light. Infra-red light provides a greater distance of sight, while white light is used to lighten the area, monitored by the cameras.

Patio and garden lighting
Adding additional lighting to the patio and the garden can make evenings far more pleasant and nights – far safer.
Gardens and patios can be illuminated by multiple types of lamps, including LED, string, and landscape lighting.

LED strip lines
Led strip lines are a fun way to add color to any location of your home and garden. There are two types of LED strips – analog and digital, each with pros and cons.

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