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Electric vehicles are a part of the future and will soon be part of every household. So, shortly, every home should be equipped with an EV charger. There are three types of electric charger stations, conveniently named Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1 Charging station

Level 1 is usually used for plug-in hybrids, such as Kia Niro. It has a voltage of 110V and has 5 miles per hour charge. It usually comes as a part of your newly-purchased EV package.

Level 2 Charging Station

Perfect for battery EVs like Tesla Model 3. It has a voltage of 13 to 25 miles per hour and a voltage of 240V.

Level 3 Charging Station

Level 3 takes between 10 minutes and half an hour for a full charge. It has a high voltage of 480V to 500V.

How to install an EV charger at home
Snow White Electricians is a licensed EV charger installer. We provide installation, maintenance, and service to the charger.
● Level 1 does not require a specific installation. Just plug it into a standard wall outlet.
● Level 2 may require upgrades to the building's electric wiring. The EV manufacturer will provide the requirements.
● Level 3 would require significant modifications and would result in higher electric bills. It’s best suited for commercial purposes.

Maintenance and service
SWE provides a whole specter of EV charger maintenance, including:
● Socket / Plug Inspection
● Chargepoint Inspection and Testing
● Interior Check
● Cleaning
● Digital Inspection Reports

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