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Fuse box consumer unit replacement

The fuse box is of critical importance to the electrical safety of every property.

Fuse box repairs
Whether you need a new fuse box installed or repairs on your existing one, Snow White Electricians can help. Fuse boxes can need repair/replacement because they are outdated, unsuitable, or dangerous in any other way. Contact us if you're worried that your fuse box needs to be replaced. So, no more fuse rewiring by torchlight. The light will be back in your home with just a click with a new fuse box with mini circuit breakers.

Matching your current needs
If you're currently building a new extension in Surrey or London or increasing the demands of your power circuits, then you'll need to avoid an overload. Our qualified electricians will check your mains board and plan on how to proceed with a modern fuse box that will keep you safe from electrical shock or fire.
We will provide you with the finest protection devices that older buildings lack and run you a certification procedure. We will further test your existing installation with several calibrated test instruments to provide you with an Electrical Completion Certificate.

Snow White Electricians

We at Snow White Electricians are committed to completing any given task promptly, ensuring that we meet all expectations along the process. Our services are cost-effective, and our workers are honest, dedicated, and dependable. We strive to provide courteous and up-to-standard services. We respect your home as much as we respect our own, giving it the same amount of care and attention.

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