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Electrical fault finding

Snow White Electricians’ certified electricians will check and find any electrical faults in your wiring, and all problems will be found and removed. There are a few common reasons for electrical faults to appear in time, including:

● Corrosion
● Wear and Tear
● Accidental damage
● Environmental influences such as burst pipes

The process

of electrical fault finding

Our certified technicians will ask you a few questions to determine the issue. These common questions indicating an electrical fault include flickering lighting, power outages, overheating cables, tripping circuit breakers, or a blowing fuse.
Whenever the fault is found, it will be isolated by replacing the component or providing you with an alternative. After that, we will test the corrected circuit and issue a certificate if everything runs correctly.
Snow White Electricians provides a speedy service that meets all standards and regulations. It allows our domestic or commercial customers to return to normality without further issues.


Any homeowner or Commercial landlord needing a proven and experienced local electrician can call Snow White Electricians today! We can land you immediate help if you spot issues like
● Lights flickering
● Fuses keep blowing
● The smell of burning plastic and bakelite
● Overheating of electrical appliances or appliances stopped working
● Circuit breakers keep tripping
● Regular lamp failures
● The fan extractor stopped working
● Sparking of electrical items

Snow White Electricians

Our experienced technicians will discover any hidden problems that can damage your electrical installation. We'll gladly arrange a visit by our electricians and a check for any electrical faults.
The engineers of Snow White Electricians are committed to providing quit services of high quality to meet all of our client's expectations. We provide cost-effective solutions and respect your home as much as we respect our own.
No job is too big or too small for our brilliant team of experts.

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